July 7, 2024:
Back from my summer break ! I will continue with the following jobs: FÄULNIS (mastering for vinyl), STEVE HACKETT (mastering for vinyl), HERSIR (mastering), SAMAEL (mastering for vinyl).

June 5, 2024:
In the next few days and weeks I will be working on the following things: OTRERE (mastering), VULCANO (mastering / audio restoration), GEHENNA (remastering), VOIVOD (remastering), SORTILEGE (mastering / audio restoration).

May 3, 2024:
Current projects: GEHENNA (mastering for vinyl), MILLBROOK ROCKERS (mastering),
MECHANIC TYRANTS (mastering), ABORTED (mastering for vinyl), ULVEHUNGER (mastering).

April 12, 2024:
In the next days I will work on the following stuff: THRASHERWOLF (mastering), STEVE HACKETT (mastering for vinyl), MORBID ANGEL (mastering for vinyl).

March 6, 2024: 
Current projects: WARLORD (mastering), KATE'S ACID (mastering for vinyl), MERCILESS (audio restoration & mastering), TUBAL CAIN (mastering), ARMORED SAINT (mastering for vinyl), SACRED REICH (mastering for vinyl), WITCHFYNDE (mastering for vinyl).

February 6, 2024:
Currently I am working on full masterings for ADORIOR, DAUTHAZ, SCHLINGEN, DEVILTRAIN, DESULTORY.

January 8, 2024:
Happy new year !!!
January starts with the following projects: HOLY MOSES (audio restoration and mastering), UNLEASHED (audio restoration and mastering), MUTILATED (audio restoration and mastering), JAGUAR (mastering for CD), RAVEN (mastering for CD), BLITZKRIEG (mastering for CD).

December 6, 2023:
Another busy and interesting year is almost over. I would like to thank all customers, colleagues and partners for their excellent cooperation and wish everyone a stress-free end to the year. I am still working on the following projects these days: DISASTER K.F.W. (mastering), CLOVEN HOOF (mix & mastering).

November 6, 2023:
The following work is scheduled for the these days: KOSMOKRATOR (mastering), TANKARD (mastering and audio restoration), CYANIDE (mastering), SPYDOR (album mix and mastering), STEVE HACKETT (mastering for vinyl).

October 31, 2023:
My projects this month: SYRIS (mastering and audio restoration), MONOLIT (mastering and audio restoration), GRENZER (mastering for vinyl), MORBID SAINT (mastering for vinyl).

September 8, 2023: 
Work continuous with FÍR (mastering), IRONSWORD (mastering), KARAT (audio restoration and mastering), TAROT (mastering).

August 7, 2023: 
Currently I am working on the following projects: DEVIN TOWNSEND (mastering for vinyl), UTTERTOMB (mastering), DANGER (mastering and audio restoration), MIDNIGHT STEAMER (mastering).

July 7, 2023:
Back from summer vacation !!! The second half of the year starts with the following work: AT WAR (remastering / mastering for vinyl), STEVE HACKETT (mastering for vinyl), SPOCK'S BEARD (mastering for Vinyl), HYPOCRISY (mastering for vinyl), MOONBLOOD (mastering / audio restoration), DROWNED (mastering).

Juni 1, 2023:
Current projects: ARBITRATER (digital transfer, audio restoration & mastering), NECROSANCT (mastering for vinyl), MEDIEVAL STEEL (digital transfer, audio restoration & mastering), IMPENDING DOOM (remastering / mastering for vinyl).

Mai 3, 2023:
The following work is to be done: IN FLAMES (mastering for vinyl), SLAYER (mastering for vinyl), HYPOCRISY (mastering for vinyl), DROWNED (mastering).

April 4, 2023:
These days I am working on the following stuff: DROWNED (test masterr), PSYCHOTIC WALTZ (audio restoration & mastering), STIGMATIZED (cassette transfer, audio restoration & mastering), DAMNATION CALL (mastering for vinyl).

March 7, 2023:
Current projects to be done: GRAVE DIGGER (mastering for vinyl), BLACK WASTELAND (mastering), NYTE LIGHT (mastering), PERSIAN RISK (audio restoration & mastering), OPPROBRIUM (mastering).

February 8, 2023:
The following work is to be done during these days: GRAVE DIGGER (mastering for vinyl), SPYDOR (editing, mixing and mastering), OPPROBRIUM (audio restoration and mastering), BOLT THROWER (mastering for vinyl), MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY (mastering).

January 11, 2023:
A new year brings new work to be done. Currently I am working on the following stuff: OBSESSION (mastering for vinyl), STEVE HACKETT (mastering for vinyl), OLD (mastering), SPYDOR (mix & mastering), MOONBLOOD (mastering).

December 6, 2022:
ust like every year in December, I'm working on various backups, project planning and billing. Nevertheless, there is also some time to create some test masterings.
I wish all friends, prospects and customers relaxing holidays and a few restful days. Stay healthy !

November 9, 2022:
In these weeks I may deal with the following projects:: AFFLICTED (audio restoration & mastering), BOLT THROWER (mastering for vinyl), Y&T (mastering), DISMEMBER (audio restoration & mastering), DARKTHRONE (audio restoration & mastering).

Oktober 11, 2022:
Current jobs: DIES ATER (remastering for CD & vinyl), KANSAS (master for compilation), WARRANT (mastering for vinyl) and various digital transfers.

September 6, 2022:
The following projects are currently supervised by me: SORTILÈGE (mastering), OVERKILL (mastering), SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS (mastering), NECRONOMICON (mastering), MOONBLOOD (audio restoration / mastering).

August 11, 2022:
Despite the summer heat, I am busy with the following work these days: DR. LIVING DEAD (mastering), STURMESBRUT (audio restoration & mastering), IRON BLADE (mastering), OVERKILL (remastering), BALDOCASTER (mastering for vinyl).

July 4, 2022:
Back at work !!! The second half of the year I start with the following projects:
FREEROAD (mastering), OVERKILL (remastering), BEYOND THE GATES (mastering for CD & vinyl), ALIEN FORCE (audio restoration, mastering), BUZZARD (audio restoration, mastering), ASSASSIN (remastering).

June 9, 2022:
As every year, I'm finally taking my summer break. During this time, I will recover from a busy first half of the year, sort and back up data, coordinate new jobs and, above all, recharge my batteries for new and forthcoming projects. During this time, I will not be available by phone or email. I will be back in early July to continue with new projects.

May 4, 2022:
The following jobs keep me busy these days: OSTROGOTH (mastering / audio restoration), ORPHANED LAND (mastering for vinyl), TIERRA SANTA (mastering for vinyl), VIO-LENCE (mastering / audio restoration).

April 6, 2022:
New projects this month: CANDLEMASS (mastering & audio restoration), EXCREMENT (mastering for vinyl), KRUX (mastering), BLODULV (mastering for vinyl), SKOHSLA (mastering), PROTON BURST (mastering), FUTURESHOCK (mastering).

March 08, 2022:
In these days and weeks I am sitting on the following work: CROSSFIRE (mastering & audio restoration), DESTRUCTOR (mastering & audio restoration), CRUST (mastering for vinyl), SIMPERONE (mastering for CD / vinyl / digital), DESTRÖYER 666 (mastering for CD / vinyl / digital), EQUILIBRIUM (mastering for vinyl).

February 7, 2022: 
Current projects (partially finished): BIBLE BLACK (mastering & audio restoration), NECRONOMICON (mastering & audio restoration), PILEDRIVER (mastering), LORD VIGO (mastering), KREATOR (mastering & audio restoration), MORTUARY DRAPE (mastering), HEX (mastering).

January 10, 2022:
Welcome in the new year !!!
I will start with the following projects: PURGATORY (mastering), LORD VIGO (mastering). Besides that, I will digitise various analogue cassette tapes for some customers.
Mix and mastering for the new PROTECTOR album was already finished in December 2021.

December 3, 2021:
Here is an overview of my last projects in the old year: PROTECTOR (mIx & mastering),
EMPEROR (audio restoration & mastering), PILEDRIVER (audio restoration & mastering),
LORD VIGO (mastering), IF THESE TREES COULD TALK (mastering for vinyl).
I wish all interested parties, customers and friends a few relaxing holidays and a good start into a successful and (above all) healthy new year. Rock'n'Roll !!!

November 5, 2021.
The following projects are in progress and / or nearly finished: CANNIBAL CORPSE (mastering for vinyl), HELL (audio restoration & mastering), JACK STARR (mastering), JIMI JAMISON (mastering), PROTECTOR (mix & mastering), FORMEL I (remastering), PANZERKREUZER (mastering).

ctober 5, 2021:
Currently I work on the mastering for the new album of VENOM INC. Next projects: SACRIFICE (mastering for vinyl and CD, HYPOCRISY (mastering for vinyl) and a huge audio archive with recordings from various artists from the 80s.

August 9, 2021:
Currently finished: MIDNIGHT STEAMER (mastering), DOOMSWORD (remaster).
In the next days / weeks, I will do the following jobs: NIHILO (mix & mastering), CROWDOWN (test master), NUCLEAR STORM (test master), APOLLO RA (remaster), ARMORED SAINT (mastering for vinyl).

June 2, 2021:
Mastering for the LIFT 5 CD box finished. Current projects in June / July: LYNX (Mastering), ILLUM ADORA (Mastering), FORCAS (Mastering), TREDEGAR (Remastering), SERPENT ASCENDING (Mastering).
This month, I will be offline for a couple of days, because I have to do some maintenance work for my devices / some bigger backups of important data. I will also enjoy a little break to recharge for upcoming jobs.

May 10, 2021:
Stuff I have to do in the next days: OPORTO (mastering), ARCKANUM (mastering for vinyl), LIFT (remastering), TREDEGAR (remastering), BENIGHTED (mastering for vinyl), GALLHAMMER (mastering for vinyl), IRONHAWK (mastering).

April 2, 2021:
Currently I am working on the following projects: BREATHLESS (mastering / audio restoration), ZURIAAKE (mastering for vinyl), LIZZY BORDEN (mastering for vinyl), TANK (remastering), BENIGHTED (mastering for vinyl), ALAUN (mix & mastering). The album mix for VICTIM is completely finished and will be mastered soon.

March 4, 2021:
Here is a short overview about current works: WANTON ATTACK (mastering for CD + vinyl), GNAARGAKH (mastering for vinyl), CANNIBAL CORPSE (mastering for vinyl), MIAMI NIGHTS 1984 (mastering for vinyl), COMPILERBAU (mastering for vinyl), UNANIMATED (mastering for CD + vinyl), SPEEDY (audio restoration), VICTIM (mix & mastering), FIAT NOX (mastering).

February 4, 2021:
This month, I will continue with the following projects: TANK (mastering for vinyl), TOKYO BLADE (mastering for vinyl), DAV DRALLEON (mastering for vinyl), THRONEHAMMER (mastering for vinyl), QUIET RIOT (remastering), KILLERS (mastering for vinyl), MIAMI NIGHTS 1984 (mastering for vinyl), FORMEL I (remastering).

January 11, 2021:
Welcome in 2021 !!!
Here are the first projects in January: BLAQUE JAQUE SHALLAQUE (remastering / audio restoration), DESTINY'S END (mastering for vinyl), DEATHFUCKER (mastering), LIEGE LORD (remastering / mastering for vinyl), VICTIM (test mix) and HIRAX (remastering / audio restoration).

December 7, 2020:
here is the final update for 2020. The year is nearly over and I am currently planning and working on the following projects: VULTURE (mastering), FANGKE (mastering), THE RODS (remastering), TORMENTOR (remastering, audio restoration), SLAUGHTER (remastering), POWERTRYP (mix & mastering), DARKTHRONE (remastering), SLAVES (remastering), INSANE (mastering for vinyl).
I wish all my friends, customers and interested persons nice holidays and a great start into a successful and nice 2021. Stay healthy !!!

November 2. 2020:
Greetings from the home office !!! The following jobs will fill my next days / weeks: TRANCE (mastering), RAZOR (mastering for vinyl), HALLOWS EVE (remastering), CRYPT VAPOR (mastering), NOCTURNAL RITES (mastering for vinyl), CAPRICORN (mastering for vinyl), WINTERHAWK (mastering for vinyl).

Oktober 5, 2020:
A new month has begun and there is much to do:
SCALD (mastering for vinyl), BLACK REVELATION (mastering), TARANIS (mastering for vinyl), SERPENTS (mastering for vinyl), FUNERAL PROCESSION (mastering / remastering).

September 14, 2020:
Here is a short overview of my current projects: MUSICAL MASSACRE (mix / mastering),
MANILLA ROAD (mastering for vinyl), VALLENFYRE (mastering for vinyl), MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY (mastering), HELLBURST (mastering), TOKYO BLADE (mastering for vinyl), HALLOWS EVE (mastering for vinyl), SLAUGHTER (remastering).

ugust 9, 2020:
After some sunny days in Thuringia, I will work on the next projects: RAVEN (remaster for vinyl), ABYTHIC (mastering), CANNIBAL CORPSE (mastering for vinyl), LEOPARDESS (remaster), BLACK PANTHER (remaster), ASSASSIN (remaster), BOUNDLESS CHAOS (mastering), NARGATE (mastering), SODOM (mastering).

july 3, 2020:
Here is a short overview of my first jobs in July: TERROR (mastering for vinyl), GOATH (mastering), GRIFFIN (mastering / remastering), HAUNT (mastering for vinyl).

June 5, 2020:
Before I will work on the next projects, I will enjoy a little summer break to recharge my batteries. I am not available until June 22 and I will spend these days without phone and internet. Your mails will be answered from June 23 on. After the break, I will work on the following projects: AGAIN (remastering), FALKENBACH (mastering for vinyl), HAMMERHEAD (remastering), RAZOR (remastering), BLINDGÄNGER (testmix), TERROR (remastering), ASPHYX (testmix).

May 4, 2020:
A new month has begun and in the next days, I have to do some work for the following artists:
MAYHEM (mastering for vinyl), FAITH & FIRE (mastering / remastering), OLD SORCERY (mastering), FALKENBACH (remastering / audio restoration), MOONSORROW (mastering for vinyl), BEHERIT (mastering for vinyl), ARCKANUM (mastering for vinyl), OMEGAVORTEX (test mix).

April 2, 2020:
At first I wish all the best to my customers / labels / bands / friends. I hope you will make the best out of this difficult time. Nonetheless, work must continue and I have to do the following projects:
MAXTHOR (mastering for vinyl), STREET CLEANER (mastering for vinyl), UNANIMATED (mastering for vinyl), INSOMNIUM (mastering for vinyl), BLOODBATH (mastering for vinyl), ISH KARIOTH (mastering), STEVE HACKETT (remastering), RINGS OF SATURN (mastering for vinyl).
Stay healthy !!!

March 9, 2020:
Time for an update ! Currently I am working on the following projects: OSTROGOTH (audio restoration and remastering), GRUPPE PLANET (mastering for vinyl), ESPIONAGE (mastering), APEP (mastering for vinyl), JAGUAR (mastering for vinyl).

February 4, 2020:
Current projects: JAMESON RAID (mastering for CD and vinyl), ANGEL DUST (mastering for vinyl), GALLOWER (mastering for CD), STREAMER (mastering for CD and vinyl), COMMANDO (mastering for CD & vinyl), BLACKEVIL (mix & mastering), STEVE HACKETT (mastering for vinyl), DRAGONSLAYER (audio restoration & mastering for CD / vinyl).

January 3, 2020:
Back at the studio. I hope all of you had a great new years eve.
First projects in 2020: THE WIZAR'D (mastering for CD and vinyl), ENTARTUNG (mastering for CD and vinyl), HEAVEN SHALL BURN (mastering for vinyl), FAITH AND FIRE (remastering and audio restoration), NARITA (remastering and audio restoration).

December 4, 2019:
Another year is almost over. Nevertheless, there is something to do in these days:
GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION (mix & mastering), DEMONS & WIZARDS (mastering for vinyl), WHITE HEAT (remastering & audio restoration), LORD VIDO (mastering), TROYEN (remastering & audio restoration), WHITE MANTIS (mastering for vinyl), DANIEL DELUXE (mastering for vinyl). I wish all of you a great turn of the year. See you soon.

November 1, 2019:
MACBETH recordings done, mix and mastering finished. In the next days I will work on the following stuff: WITCHERY (remastering), IMMORGON (mastering), BLOODSHOT EYES (transfer and mastering), WAR (mastering for vinyl). Besides this, I will record and produce the new album of GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION.

October 2, 2019:
First MACBETH recording session went well: drums, guitars and bass finished. End of October we will record vocals and lead guitars.
Current projects: STALLION (mastering for CD and vinyl), OLD SORCERY (mastering for vinyl), BLACK KIRIN (mastering for vinyl), SMASHING PUMPKINS (mastering for vinyl), RUHO (mastering for vinyl).

September 5, 2019:
Back from CHEMICAL BURN STUDIOS where we worked on the final overdubs for the new HEAVEN SHALL BURN album. Mix and mastering for APEP finished. Next jobs: RANDOM BLACK (remastering, audio restoration), DEVIN TOWNSEND (mastering for vinyl), WHITE MANTIS (mastering for vinyl), MACBETH (recording sessions for the new album).

August 12, 2019:
Vacation is over and I am full of energy for the next projects: RAZOR (remastering & audio restoration), VENEFIXION (mix & mastering), AZAXUL (mastering for vinyl), STREETCLEANER (mastering for vinyl), SLIDHR / AKATECHISM (mastering for vinyl), APEP (mix & mastering).

July 4, 2019:
Here is a short update about my current projects: DELUMINATOR (mix & mastering), DIABOLIC NIGHT (mastering), OPPROBRIUM (mastering for vinyl), THEODICY (mastering for vinyl), RAW DEAL (audio restoration & mastering), RANDOM BLACK (audio restoration & mastering), DIVIDE (testmix).

June 3, 2019:
These days, I am working on the following stuff: SODOM (testmaster), SPARROW (mix and mastering), LACUNA COIL (mastering for vinyl), ANACRUSIS (remastering for CD & vinyl), MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY (mastering for CD), PANTHER (mastering for CD), MOSHQUITO (mastering for CD).

May 2, 2019:
Current projects: ESKAHTON (mastering for vinyl), ASSASSIN UK (mastering, audio restoration), SPARROW (mix / mastering), MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY (mastering for vinyl), ANACRUSIS (mastering for vinyl).

April 3, 2019:
This month I am working on the following stuff: MESSIAH (remastering), GLORY ANTHEM (remastering, audio restoration), DREAD SOVEREIGN (mastering), SKYRYDER (mastering), CAPILLA ARDIENTE (mastering for vinyl), METALIAN (mastering).

March 5, 2019:
Here are the actual jobs: STORMWITCH (remastering), NOISEHUNTER (remastering), VAMPYR (remastering), RITUAL (remastering, audio restoration), ALIEN FORCE (remastering, audio restoration), MESSIAH (remastering), ACID (remastering), SENTENCED (mastering for vinyl), DARK FUNERAL (mastering for vinyl), AMORPHIS (mastering for vinyl). I am also working on a testmix for swedish Death Metal band INISANS.

February 13, 2019:
Back from vacation !!!
Current projects: DAYS OF GRACE (mastering for vinyl), DEATH SS (mastering for vinyl), ABNORMALITY (mastering for vinyl), NEAERA (mastering for vinyl), VOMITORY (mastering for vinyl).

January 7, 2019:
A new year has begun !!!
First projects in 2019: TOTAL HATE (mastering), RITUAL (audio restoration / mastering), MANDRAX QUEEN (mastering), ROBERT PEHRSSON (mastering), MORBID TORMENT (mastering), WITCH CROSS (audio restoration / mastering).

December 5, 2018:
Mix and mastering for REIGN IN BLOOD (Black Metal) finished !!!
Bevor the year is over, I have to work on the following projects: DREAM THEATER (mastering for vinyl), CANNIBAL CORPSE (mastering for vinyl), VOMITORY (mastering for vinyl), PROTECTOR (mastering for vinyl), WITCH CROSS (remastering / audio restoration).
I wish you relaxed holidays !!! I'm looking forward to the next projects in 2019 !!! Stay tuned !!!

November 6, 2018:
NOCTURNAL WITCH mix and mastering done !!!
This week, I am working on the debut album mix of ANGURVA (France). I will also finish masterings for ILLUM ADORA and HELLBURST before I will start mixing the new album of REIGN IN BLOOD.

October 1, 2018:
Recording sessions for the new NOCTURNAL WITCH album went well and we finished the whole thing in four days !!! During the next days I will mix and master the stuff. More current projects: FRACTAL UNIVERSE (mastering for vinyl), SAINT VITUS (remastering for CD and vinyl), MEAN MACHINE (mastering for CD and vinyl), BLOOD (audio restoration and remastering for vinyl), ILLUM ADORA (mastering for CD and vinyl), CANNIBAL CORPSE (mastering for vinyl).

September 6, 2018:
Current projects: PROTECTOR (mix & mastering live recordings), OPPROBRIUM (mastering), POWERNERD (mastering), DEVIN TOWNSEND (mastering for vinyl), MACBETH (mastering / editing live recordings).

August 6, 2018:
Back from summer vacation !!! August continues with the following projects before I will produce the new NOCTURNAL WITCH album in a few weeks: ARC (audio restoration & mastering), PARADISE LOST (mastering for vinyl), INCREMATE (mastering for vinyl), SUNG (mastering for vinyl), OGRE (mastering for vinyl), PHONOGHOSTS & SFERRO (mastering for vinyl), MITCH MURDER (mastering for vinyl), ASHBURY (mastering for CD & vinyl).

July 6, 2018:
Currently I am working for the following bands: ARC (audio restoration & mastering), CIRITH UNGOL (mastering for vinyl), THE COME AND GOGO'S (mastering), BLOOD (audio restoration & mastering), FRENZY (mastering).

une 7, 2018:
In the next days I am working on the following projects: MESSIAH (audio restoration & mastering), ARC (mastering), HERITAGE (mastering), FRENZY (mastering), DESASTER (mastering for vinyl).

May 9, 2018:
Production of the HELLWARD demo went well and mix and mastering are already finished !!!
Here are the next projects: MESSIAH (audio restoration & mastering), SPEEDWHORE (mastering), METALIAN (mastering), DEVIN TOWNSEND (mastering for vinyl), WYATT EARP (mastering).

April 13, 2018:
This month, my ears are very busy with the following projects:
SPANCER (mastering for vinyl), NECROWRETCH (mix & mastering), S.D.I. (mastering for vinyl), ETHEL THE FROG (mastering for vinyl and CD), TEMPLE KOLUDRA (mix & mastering), SOURCE (mastering for vinyl), INFERNAL DEATH (audio restoration and mastering), CIRITH UNGOL (mastering for DVD), ANTHROPOMANY (mastering for vinyl)...and in the next days I will produce the first demo for HELLWARD (Switzerland).

March 7, 2018:
At the time I am working on the following projects: MACBETH (mix live recordings), GASKIN (audio restauration and mastering), INFERNAL DEATH (audio restauration and mastering), DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT (mastering for vinyl), ARMORY (mastering).

February 6, 2018:
This month, I will work on the following stuff: WARBRINGER (mastering for vinyl), INSOMNIA (mastering for vinyl), PROTECTOR (mastering), CANNIBAL CORPSE (mastering for vinyl), MORBID (mastering for vinyl), NAGLFAR (mastering / audio restauration), ABSOLUTE VALENTINE (mastering for vinyl). In March, I will do my first full album production this year. HELLISH CROSSFIRE will record their new longplayer.

January 9, 2018:
Back at the office !!!
Current projects: GOATH (mastering), COUNT RAVEN (mastering for vinyl), MIST (mastering).

December 05, 2017:
Last week, I finished mix and mastering for the new COMMANDER album. The munich based band has recorded a furious and modern Death Metal record and I gave it the right sound.
Currently I am working on masterings for MIST (Slovenia) and DEMON PACT (UK) and some vinyl masterings for TRISTANIA, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, OLD MAN'S CHILD, ZOETROPE, MARDUK and ARCH ENEMY.
I wish all my customers and friends nice holidays and a great start into a successful and carefree new year !!!

November 07, 2017:
Currently I am working on the complete SECRETS OF THE MOON demo recordings, straight from the original master tapes. All stuff will be released through DARKNESS SHALL RISE productions in early 2018 (tape only box). In addition, I create several masterings for vinyl again, especially for the austrian Label ELECTRONIC PURIFICATION RECORDS. Other projects: ABYTHIC (mastering), DESTRUCTION (remastering), PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE (mastering for vinyl), MARDUK (mastering for vinyl).

October 09, 2017:
MUSICAL MASSACRE (mix & mastering) done !!! Two weeks ago, I produced four songs for MACBETH (Erfurt), soon to be released as a limited 7" single !
Current projects: XANDRIL (mastering & audio restoration of the complete demo material, recorded between 1983-1988), MARDUK (mastering), WITCH CROSS (mastering), TREBLINKA (mastering for vinyl), VANDEN PLAS (mastering for vinyl), MESSIAH (mastering & audio restoration).

September 06, 2017:
Mix & mastering of the EVIL WARRIORS album finished !
Next projects: LORDIAN GUARD (mastering), LORDIAN WINDS (mastering), TYRANT (mastering for vinyl), STORMWITCH (mastering for vinyl), ASPHYX (mastering for re-release), ANACHRONIST (mastering for vinyl), FATES WARNING (mastering for vinyl), GOREMENT (mastering).

August 07, 2017:
I am working on the following projects: MUSICAL MASSACRE (mix & mastering), BASHFUL ALLEY (mastering live-recording), METEOR (mastering for vinyl), NIGHTCRAWLER (mastering for vinyl), EVIL WARRIORS (mix & mastering), BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (mastering for vinyl).

July 06, 2017:
Back at the desk !!!
Current projects: AIR RAID (mastering), BUNKER 66 (mastering), ANGUISH (mastering), SWEET SAVAGE (mastering for vinyl), BLITZKRIEG (mastering for vinyl), NIGHTCRAWLER (mastering for vinyl), HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH (remastering), BASHFUL ALLEY (remastering). In the next days I will record two songs with PURGATORY. The tracks will be released on a forthcoming split-EP.

June 08, 2017:
Mix and mastering of the new ASPHAGOR full length album is done. Now the band is looking for a record deal. Current projects: SODOM - Demos (remastering), DISASTROUS MURMUR - Demos (remastering), INFERNAL INVOCATION (mix & mastering), COMMANDER (mix & mastering), PARADISE LOST (mastering for vinyl). End of June I will mix and master the new MUSICAL MASSACRE album. In early July I will produce some new PURGATORY songs for future split releases.

May 08, 2017:
ASPHAGOR recording sessions successfully finished !!! In the next days I will start mixing the material. Current projects: POWERWOLF (mastering for vinyl), SACRED REICH (remastering), RIOT (mastering for vinyl), HEXX (mastering), SCHAFOTT (mastering), INFERNAL INVOCATION (mix + mastering), SODOM (remastering).

April 7, 2017:
Current projects: DAMNATORY (mastering / audio restoration), QUAYDE LAHÜE (mastering for vinyl), GORILLA MONSOON (mastering for vinyl), VICTIM (mastering), SACRED REICH (mastering for vinyl). Besides several test masterings, I will produce the new album of austrian Black Metal band ASPHAGOR end of April.

March 3, 2017:
Mastering of the back catalogue of DESTRUCTION (all 1984-1990 releases) is done !!! In the next weeks, HIGH ROLLER RECORDS will receive the test pressings. The new editions will sound exactly as the original 80s vinyl releases and "Live Without Sense" will be released for the very first time with all songs, included on the original CD version.
Next projects: DAMNATORY (mastering / audio restoration), RIOT (mastering for vinyl), SAMAEL (mastering for vinyl).

February 5, 2017:
Here is a short information about my current projects:
RIOT (mastering and audio restoration of many rarities, rough mixes and demos), OBSCURE INFINITY (mastering), AZAXUL (mastering). Besides that, I am creating new masterings with a nice dynamic range for a leading Thrash band from the good old times. It will be the first time since their old albums will be available again after more than 30 years.

January 10, 2017:
Back with full force and new challenge !!!
Current projects: LOCUST LEAVES (mastering), RIOT (audio restoration / mastering), SOLSTICE (mastering for vinyl), ADAESTUO (mix).

December 5, 2016:
Mix and mastering of the new FJOERGYN album finished !!! CD and vinyl versions will be released through LIFEFORCE RECORDS in early 2017. Until christmas I have to create several masterings / vinyl masterings (MYTHRA, GATES OF ISHTAR, RIOT, IRONHAWK) before I will enjoy two relaxing weeks after a very good and successful year. I wish you nice holidays and a great start into 2017 !!!

November 3, 2016:
The production of the FRÜHSTÜCKSPAUSE album (Punk Rock from Altenburg / Germany) is nearly finished. In the next days I will create the mix and mastering. Next projects are several masterings (CONDOR, CHASER, OMEN, POWERNERD) before I will start mixing the new FJOERGYN album (in the middle of the month).

October 4, 2016:
These days I am working on some masterings for vinyl rereleases (IMMOLATION, AMON AMARTH) and the final adjustments on the new CLOVEN HOOF album. Next project will be the ATLANTEAN KODEX live album (mix & mastering). At the end of October, I will produce the new FRÜHSTÜCKSPAUSE longplayer.

September 2, 2016:
Current projects: AXXION (mastering), CLOVEN HOOF (mix + mastering), NECROWRETCH (mix + mastering), SCREAMER (mastering), ORPHANED LAND (remastering).

August 1, 2016:
Recording, mix and mastering of the GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION debut album finished !!! During the last days I mixed and mastered the new mini album of VENEFIXION and worked on several vinyl masterings for VAN RECORDS, HIGH ROLLER and CENTURY MEDIA. Currently I am working on some demo material of an old canadian Thrash band that will be released in late 2016.

July 4, 2016:
Currently I am working on several masterings for a couple of great reissues (soon to be released through METAL BLADE and HIGH ROLLER). SPEEDWHÖRE mix and master nearly finished. Later this week I will start with the production of the debut album of GATEWAY TO SELFDESTRUCTION.

June 7, 2016:
Current projects: SERPENT ASCENDING (mastering), SKAN (mastering), IRON CURTAIN (mastering), SPEEDWHÖRE (mix & mastering)...and some masterings for vinyl releases through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.

May 04, 2016:
My work on the new DARKNESS album is finished (mix & mastering). Current projects: RUHO (mastering), ROBERT PEHRSSON (mastering), SACRAMENTUM (mastering for vinyl), GOREMENT (mastering for vinyl) + some stuff for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.

April 02, 2016:
After some very relaxing Easter holidays, I am back with new energy. Next projects: DARKNESS (mix & mastering new album), Dr.X (Mastering), several masterings for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS and HMH RECORDS.

February 23, 2016:
Current projects: SHRINE OF INSANABILIS (mix & mastering), KAAPORA (mastering) and several masterings for vinyl releases (HIGH ROLLER RECORDS, CENTURY MEDIA)

January 22, 2016:
A new year has begun !!! Since a few days I am working on the entire back catalogue of one of the best and most influential Epic Metal bands of all times. I will solve the mystery as soon as the label starts with the promotion. More current projects: INSANE VESPER (mastering), DEATHSTORM (mastering), BLIZZEN (mastering), NEKROMANTHEON and SAVAGE MASTER (mastering for vinyl).

December 23, 2015:
PURGATORY mix and mastering nearly done. In the last days, I created some masterings for vinyl reissues (GRAVE, PARADISE LOST, TIAMAT...).
Best wishes, a nice christmas and a good start into 2016 goes out to all my clients, friends and rubbernecks. I will be back in early January.

November 19, 2015:
DESASTER mix and mastering finished !!! Current projects: KOSMOKRATOR (mastering), ANGEL DUST (remastering), SKAN (mastering for vinyl), PURGATORY (full album production).

October 12, 2015:
DESASTER recordings went fast and well and we finished the entire recording sessions in 6 days only !!! Next week I will start editing and mixing the new album, soon to be released through Metal Blade Records (CD version) and High Roller Records (vinyl version).
Currently I am working on some masterings for FYRNASK, BLOODDUST, EPITAPH and MANILLA ROAD.

August 03, 2015:
Mix and mastering of the new TOXIC EVOLUTION recordings is done. The final work on the new MACBETH album is also finished and now we are waiting for the test pressings of the vinyl edition. At the time I am working on some mastering jobs (STELLAR MASTER ELITE, BLITZKRIEG, PROTECTOR). In early October I will produce the new DESASTER album.

Juli 10, 2015:
Welcome back !!! The move is done and I am working on the new album of east-german metal legends MACBETH. After that, I will do some masterings for High Roller Records and Century Media. In the near future I will also do some work for greece cult label No Remorse Records.

May 26, 2015:
Today I finished mix and mastering of the new KRATER album (Black metal from Germany). Next projects are a testmix for TOXIC EVOLUTION (Thrash metal from Saxony) and the new album of MACBETH (Metal from Erfurt).
The temple will be temporary closed from June 15 to July 13 due to moving house. I will reply to your mails when I am available again.

April 24, 2015:
Here is a quick update !!! I am working on several masterings for vinyl re-releases (AGENT STEEL / NUCLEAR ASSAULT) and will remaster the complete back catalogue of an old german Death Metal band. More details will follow soon !!!
In June I will produce the new album of MACBETH (Erfurt, Germany).

March 27, 2015:
OLD ARRIVAL sessions went well, in the next days I will do the final touches of mix and mastering. KALI YUGA production (incl. mix and mastering) finished. Last week I did mix and mastering for a brandnew mini-album of DEATHSTORM (Austria). In February I mixed and mastered the debut album of SHRINE OF INSANABILIS (Black Metal from Germany). Unfortunately, the HIGH HEELER mix was cancelled due to some technical issues on the recording tracks (which were unable to restore and repair).
In the next weeks I will do some masterings and start to plan the second half of 2015. In Autumn, I will do some production work for PURGATORY (Germany), DESASTER (Germany) and ASPHAGOR (Austria).

February 01, 2015:
KALI YUGA recordings finished !!! On monday I will start editing and mixing. Middle of February I will mix the new album of HIGH HEELER (Heavy Metal from Vienna / Austria). In early March I will produce the debut demo for OLD ARRIVAL (Black Metal from Saxony / Germany). More to follow...

January 05, 2015:
Welcome back !!!
I hope you enjoyed the holidays and had a good start for 2015 !!!
These days I am working on the final mix / mastering of the reunion album of MUSICAL MASSACRE (germany). The CD will be released through GERMAN DEMOCRATIC RECORDINGS in Spring 2015. In two weeks I will start producing the new longplay record of KALI YUGA (Germany). In the next days I have to do some masterings.
Here is an important message for all my costumers: Since January 2015 I have to add 19% VAT to all my invoices. Please consider this new specification when you want me to record, mix and / or master your stuff in the future !!! Thank you very much !!!

December 02, 2014:
Here is the final update in 2014:
Today we finished the mix of the DIVISION SPEED debut album. I will do the mastering later this week. The LP/CD will be available through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS in spring 2015.
ERAZOR recording sessions went well, mix & mastering also finished.
In January 2015 I will produce the new KALI YUGA album. I've got the first requests for complete album productions in spring (PURGATORY) and autumn (DESASTER), more to follow soon.
I wish you nice holidays and a great start into the new year !!!

October 06, 2014:
The TRIUMPHANT session went well and everything is finished now (incl. mix and mastering). Next projects: ERAZOR (recording, mix and mastering); BLUES BASTARD (mix and mastering); VIVUS HUMARE (mastering); GLOOMSTER (mix and mastering); SPEEDWHORE (mastering).

September 06, 2014:
Mixes and / or masterings for TRIAL (Sweden), NECROWRETCH (France) and IRON LAMB (Sweden) finished.
I also did some vinyl masterings for CENTURY MEDIA and worked on an austrian Heavy Metal compilation LP. Last week I mixed and mastered four album session outtakes for OBSCURE INFINITY (Germany). These tracks will be released on various split 7" singles. Next week I will continue editing and mix for the debut album of DIVISION SPEED (Germany), before I will go to Austria to produce two new songs for TRIUMPHANT. In October I will stay in Bochum for some days to produce the new ERAZOR album. After that, I will mix and master the new GLOOMSTER (Crust-Punk from Germany) longplay record.

August 04, 2014:
At the moment I am creating the album mixdown / mastering for TRIAL (Sweden). The new LP / CD will be released through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS. Besides some vinyl masterings, I will do a full album mastering for NECROWRETCH (France). Next projects: Drum editing / pre-mix for the new MOSAIC album and mix / mastering for the debut full-length of DIVISION SPEED (Germany).

July 07, 2014:
Recording, mix and mastering for the STALLION debut album finished !!! The sessions went well and all the tracks were nailed down in a very short time. These days I am working on several vinyl masterings for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS. Next projects: OBSCURE INFINITY (album mix & mastering), DIVISION SPEED (album mix & mastering).

June 04, 2014:
At the time I do the mixdown for the debut demo of a very obscure experimental Death Metal band. It's a side project of some musicians, located in Berlin.
Yesterday I finished mastering for the new DEATHRONATION album. In the next days I will do some masterings for vinyl, at first I have work on "Odium" by MORGOTH which will be re-released through CENTURY MEDIA.
In July I will record, mix and master the debut album of STALLION.

May 02, 2014:
All previous projects finished !!!
The production of the LIQUID STEEL debutalbum went well and the result is still amazing !!!
The guys recorded the complete stuff (under my direction) in one week and the album sounds like a very cool mix of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and some 80s Metal bands from Germany. At the time they are looking for a label to release that album soon. Watch out for a really nice Heavy Metal record !!!
Next project: Mastering for RIMRUNA (Black Metal) !!!

April 04, 2014:
Drum recordings DIVISION SPEED finished !!! At the time I am working on several mastering- and remastering projects (WIFEBEATER, DRENGSKAPUR, YSENGRIN, PREDATOR). Next will be the recording of the debut album of LIQUID STEEL (Austria).

March 3, 2014:
Last week I finished mix & mastering for the debut album of AMBUSH (Heavy Metal from Sweden) ! I created an authentic 80s-like sound without trigger drums or other modern stuff. The LP / CD will be released through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS (spring 2014).
Today I started editing and mixing of the new THORNESBREED album and in 2 weeks I will record the drums for the debut longplayer of DIVISION SPEED.

February 4, 2014:
Here is a short overview about my actual projects: This week I will finish mix & mastering for the new album of NWOBHM legend CLOVEN HOOF. I also did mix & mastering of the 24-track-recording of the "25 Years-Show" for german Thrashers DESASTER. These live recordings will be released on double LP, 2 CD and DVD through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.
Next projects: AMBUSH (Sweden, Mix & Mastering), PROTECTOR (Mix & Master live recordings from Dresden 2013), DIVISION SPEED (drum recordings for their debut album, later mix & mastering), LIQUID STEEL (recording, mix & mastering debut album), THORNESBREED (mix & master new album) !!!

January 07, 2014:
Welcome back, my friends !!!
Mix and mastering for TRIUMPHANT are finished, now I am planning the next weeks and months.
In March I will be part of the DIVISION SPEED album production and in April I will go to Austria for a few days to produce the debut LP for LIQUID STEEL.

December 9, 2013:
Here is the final update in 2013 before I will leave for holidays and some office and backup works.
SPARTA (UK) album mix is finished and last saturday we did the final work on the tracks for the new NOCTURNAL WITCH (Germany) LP.
Next week I will do the album mix for Black/Thrashers TRIUMPHANT (Austria, ex-MANIC DISEASE).
I wish a good start into 2014 !!!

November 8, 2013:
Time is running fast and the year is almost over !!!
DELIRIUM TREMENS album production is finished (recording, mix & mastering).
Last days I did a remaster of the first three MASSACRA albums (early Death/Thrash from France) which will be released through CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS next year. Besides this, I work again for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS (BLITZKRIEG, HEAVY TIGER, SPARTA) and next week I will finish the mastering for the new EREBUS ENTHRONED album (Australia).

October 7, 2013:
PURGATORY sessions are finished. Everything went well and mix and mastering are already done.
Last friday I recorded the PROTECTOR gig at the "Skullcrusher" club in Dresden. Possibly some tracks will be used for future releases. Besides the final mix and mastering of the NOCTURNAL WITCH debut album, I am working on the first official BLIZZARD DVD (mastering and authoring) which will be released through EVIL SPELL RECORDS later this year.
Next monday I will start the production for the brandnew DELIRIUM TREMENS album.

September 3, 2013:
Mix and mastering of the COSMIC WASTELAND sessions finished !!! Two tracks were recorded, which should be soon available on a Promo CD (and later on 7" vinyl).
Next week I do the album production for NOCTURNAL WITCH. End of September I will record some new tracks with PURGATORY for a planned jubileum record.
In October, the new DELIRIUM TREMENS album will be recorded, mixed and mastered.

August 3, 2013:
here is a short overview about the latest activities:
Last week I finished mastering for the new album of the german Thrash Metal legend PROTECTOR. It will be released through High Roller Records in September. At the time I am into audio restoration and mastering of some old and unreleased material of NWOBHM fathers BLITZKRIEG for a planned double-lp. Mix and mastering for SVALBARD (UK) finished, the band is very satisfied with the final result. End of August I will produce the first tracks for a brandnew Doom band from Bavaria, before I will do the complete album production for NOCTURNAL WITCH from Thuringia.

July 1, 2013:
Mix and mastering BEYOND and MY COLD EMBRACE finished !!!
Next projects: BLUTNEBEL (Germany, Mastering) & ABYSSOUS (Germany, Mastering).
End of July I will mix three new SVALBARD (UK) songs. Some projects for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS will follow soon !!!

May 25, 2013:
After two months I am back at the office !!!
At the time I do the final work (mix / mastering) on the debut album for BEYOND (Death Metal from Mainz / Germany). Last days I mixed and mastered 4 new tracks for the german Metalcore band MY COLD EMBRACE. In June I will move to another town, before I will continue my work in July. Next projects: CHAOS ECHOES (France; debut album mix & mastering) & SVALBARD (UK; new material; mix & mastering).

March 22, 2013:
All mixes and masterings from February finished !!!
At the time I organize the first dates for bigger productions in summer / autumn. In the next weeks I will set the main priority to some private things I have to manage, so it is not possible to work on some complex projects these days. Masterings are always possible, so please feel free to ask for my service. Thank you very much for appreciation.

February 18, 2013:
Time for a small update:
JAG PANZER remasters are ready and the test pressings sound amazing :)
Few days ago, I did mix and mastering for the brand new mini-LP of SVALBARD (UK).
At the time I am working on the final mix for VICTIM (a young Thrash Metal band from Weimar, Germany) and the mastering for the new album of PROCESSION (Chile).
More projects to follow soon.

January 1, 2013:
All the best for 2013 to all costumers, fellows and friends !!!

December 23, 2012:
Here are the last words in 2012, before I will enjoy a few holidays after a busy and successful year !!!
PURGATORY recordings woked well and in January 2013 I will prepare the tracks for mix and mastering.
My guest appearances for the new HEAVEN SHALL BURN album are also finished and it was a lot of fun to work with the guys again !!!
Last project was a big surprise to me: Mark Briody from Colorado sent all the early JAG PANZER stuff from 1983-1987 to me for a remastering job !!! Besides the regular records like "Tyrants" or "Ample Destruction", the 1985-1986 "Shadow Thief" sessions, the "Chain Of Command" album from 1987 (including two bonustracks) and a handful of previously unheard stuff from the early days will be released in fully restored and remastered sound through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS in early 2013.

November 27, 2012:
On saturday, the recordings for the new PURGATORY album will start in Saxonia !!! When the sessions are finished 8-10 days later, I will go to Thuringia to add some ideas and several parts to the new HEAVEN SHALL BURN tracks. The guys start recording their new album now !!!
Please note that I will be temporary unavailable between December 1-16, cause I want to spend all the time for the recordings and the production process (and, of course, I don't know if I could use any internet service there). I will reply to your mail when I am back home. Thank you !!!

November 18, 2012:
Time goes fast and in the last weeks I did some interesting stuff here !!!
Last projects were a complete album mix + mastering for the german crust-punk-band GLOOMSTER. The final result sounds raw, dirty and authentic and will be released soon through a small underground label (vinyl + downloadcode).
Besides this, I did some masterings (new album of belgian Death Metal band CATARRHAL, some stuff for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS, for example WITCHGRAVE from Sweden etc.).
At the time I do the mixdown of the brandnew MOSAIC material, which will be released soon as part of a 7" E.P.
Next and final 2012 project will be the production of the new PURGATORY album (recording sessions will start in 2 weeks).

October 10, 2012:
Time for some updates !!!
In the last days / weeks I finished masterings for WITCHBURNER (new album) or ABSERVIERT (German Punk) for example. I also did some vinyl masterings for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS (U.D.O., ZÜÜL).
Recording sessions for the new PURGATORY album will take place in December this year. Besides all the things I have to do these weeks, I started planning and coordinating the first jobs in 2013. Around January I will co-produce the new HEAVEN SHALL BURN album one more time and for Spring 2013, the production of the debut album of BEYOND is confirmed.

September 12, 2012:
The BEYOND recordings (incl. mix and mastering) are finished !!! If you are into bands like LIARS IN WAIT, NECROVORE or GROTESQUE (but much faster played), check out the upcoming 7" on IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS !!!
Besides this, I did several masterings in the last weeks, for example GOAT TORMENT (Belgium), AGRATH (USA), ABYSSOUS (Germany) and SEPULCHRAL TEMPLE (Finland / UK).
The planned PURGATORY album production, scheduled for September 14, will take place later this year for several reasons. In the next days I will do some more masterings.

August 13, 2012:
The current CD production for ASPHAGOR is finished and results in a great album with influences like IMMORTAL, DISSECTION, SATYRICON or MAYHEM for example. It was a pleasure to work with these guys cause they were prepared optimally and we recorded all instruments and vocals in less than 5 days at the band's rehearsal room. My mobile recording equipment works well and at the time, I did three complete productions by using my own studio hard- and software.
Next week I will work in Thuringia to record an E.P. for BEYOND (Death Metal from Mainz, Germany) which will be released through IRON BONEHEAD later this year.
This week I also finished mix and master for the new PROCESSION E.P. (Doom Metal from Chile), to be released through HIGH ROLLER in autumn.
In the middle of September I will produce the new studio album for saxonian Death Metal veterans PURGATORY, before I will continue with some new projects.

July 15, 2012:
Attention: I am not available between July 16 - July 23, 2012. I will read and reply your mails when I am back. Thank you.

July 14, 2012:
Here is a short overview about my latest activities and forthcoming projects:
Mastering for the new demo of german MARISOLV is done. RESISTANCE (France) recorded a coverversion for a vinyl only release, I did the final mastering for it. Some audio restoration and remastering work was done for High Roller Records (MANILLA ROAD, REPENT).
Next will be the production of the new ASPHAGOR (Tyrol) album.

June 19, 2012:
Here are the latest news, before I will enjoy the summer sun during the next days:
LIQUID STEEL (Heavy Metal from Innsbruck, Austria) demoproduction finished !!! Now the guys are looking for a record company.
Mix & mastering CHAOS ECHOES (France, feat. members of ex-BLOODY SIGN) completely done !!! Expect a great mixture of Doom & Death Metal with some experimental influences and a lot of improvisation parts !!! The actual recording will be released in late July.

May 10, 2012:
After a very hard but successful job, the MACBETH (Germany) recordings including mix & master are finished. The new album will be released through MASSACRE RECORDS in September 2012.
The FRÜHSTÜCKSPAUSE sessions are also finished. Next project will be a demo production for LIQUID STEEL (Heavy Metal from Innsbruck / Austria) on saturday.

April 15, 2012:
Mix and mastering new ETERNITY album finished !!! Next week I will continue my work on the new MACBETH album (we have to record bassguitar, vocals and some lead guitars). After that, I will finish the mix of the new ALCHEMYST record, before I will enter CHEMICAL BURN STUDIO to produce the new full length for FRÜHSTÜCKSPAUSE.
In May I will work together with LIQUID STEEL (Heavy Metal from Innsbruck) to record a demo.
Some more projects to follow...I will keep you updated !!!

March 14, 2012:
Drums and guitars for the new MACBETH (Germany) album finished !!! Bass, vocals and lead guitars will follow in three weeks. In May I will do the final mix and mastering. The very brutal and dark album will be released in Autumn 2012 through MASSACRE RECORDS.
MANIC DISEASE demo production finished !!! The guys will get the master on saturday !!! Fast work, nice tracks (a great mix between old Thrash and Black Metal).
Next week I have to continue my work for UK noise rockers SVALBARD (mix and mastering). Following projects: SYRUS (Austria, mix and mastering), ETERNITY (Germany, mix and mastering) & ALCHEMYST (Germany, mix and mastering).

February 21, 2012:
Next projects: Demo recordings MANIC DISEASE (Thrash Metal from Innsbruck / Austria) and new album for german Metal veterans MACBETH (March 2012).

February 02, 2012:
Mixings and masterings for KVLT OF HIOB and OCCULTATION finished !!!
Besides this, the main part for my mobile studio unit has arrived and will be first used end of February for the planned demo production of MANIC DISEASE from Innsbruck (Austria).
At the time I work on some masterings for HIGH ROLLER, before I will go to Erfurt (March 2012) to produce the new album of MACBETH.

January 13, 2012:
Time for the first news this year !!!
Mix and mastering for ANIMA (Nordhausen, Germany) finished. The band will use the new recordings for promotion, cause they are looking for a label.
Next days I will do the mastering for the new OCCULTATION (New York) record. Restoration and remastering work for italian Doom legend BLACK HOLE will follow (the complete demos for vinyl release), before I have to finish mix and mastering for KVLT OF HIOB (complete album).

December 29, 2011:
Time for my last update before the new year will arrive !!!
These days I am working for HIGH ROLLER again (some remastering stuff for NUCLEAR ASSAULT, MANILLA ROAD, BIG DAISY, DAMASCUS etc.). In January I will get the tracks of ANIMA (Nordhausen) for mixdown and mastering. In February I will produce the new demo for MANIC DISEASE (Thrash Metal from Innsbruck) with my brand new mobile recording equipment !!! Interface has just arrived, at the end of January I will buy some microphones etc. and then it should be no problem to work outside the office !!!
Last but not least, I wish you a successful and metallic 2012 !!! I hope we'll see and hear us !!!

December 09, 2011:
Mixdown and mastering for DESASTER finished, masters shipped to METAL BLADE RECORDS.
The DARKTHRONE Demo-LP (released through PEACEVILLE RECORDS) is ready !!! I received my copy last week and everything is fine with the record !!!
At the time, I work at the CHEMICAL BURN STUDIO (together with Alexander Dietz) on the new KALI YUGA album. Drums, bass and guitars are finished !!!

November 11, 2011:
Mix and mastering for the new DESASTER album is done so far !!! Last track will be finished when I received the guest vocals tracks in the next days !!!
Today, a package from german pressing plant OPTIMAL MEDIA has arrived, including the test pressings of the DARKTHRONE double LP "Sempiternal Past - Demos 1988-1989". I will check the quality tomorrow !!!

November 5, 2011:
Time for a small update, guys !!!
These days I am working on the new album of german Thrash Metal horde DESASTER (mix & mastering) !!! Expect a great album (METAL BLADE RECORDS) !!! In the next days I will receive the guest vocal tracks - I am sure you will be surprised !!!
At the time I debate with NOCTURNAL WITCH about mix & mastering for their planned 7" E.P. on UNDERCOVER RECORDS !!!
In December I'm going to stay at the CHEMICAL BURN STUDIO to produce the new KALI YUGA album, together with Alexander Dietz !!!
Future projects: ETERNITY (mix & mastering new album), ANIMA (mix & mastering new album), MACBETH (recording session, mix & mastering new album) !!!

October 25, 2011:
Mastering for DARKTHRONE-LP "Sempiternal Past - The Demos" finished !!! PEACEVILLE received the master CDs today.
Next projects will be a complete album mastering for german band TRÄUMEN VON AURORA and some stuff for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS. German Thrash Metal legend DESASTER and thuringian Black Metal horde ETERNITY are recording their new albums - at the time we speak about mix and mastering at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY !!!

September 29, 2011:
Time for my monthly update !!!
Masterings for the new CHARON album, the split-7" with HATESPAWN and a promotional song for german band KVLT OF HIOB finished !!! Besides this, some stuff for HIGH ROLLER RECORDS is done !!!
In the next days I will do final work on the complete DARKTHRONE demos for release through PEACEVILLE RECORDS in November 2011. For the first time, all demos (and some rare bonustracks) will be officially available on double vinyl in best possible quality (mastered from the original tapes or 1st generation copies). Today I got a package from Fenriz, including the "Thulcandra" demo, taken from the mastertape !!!
Yesterday I decided to delete my Facbook account - too much trouble with some new changes...and I am sure I can use my time for better things !!!

August 23, 2011:
It is done !!! Today I updated my complete homepage and now the full content is also available in english !!! A very big THANK YOU to Alexandra Linster for full translation !!!
Here is my monthly update, for the first time in english !!!
Last days I finished mix and mastering for german Heavy Metal veterans MACBETH. They will release a DVD, including a concert recording from Erfurt when they celebrated their 25th anniversary. I also did masterings for SLINGBLADE and ANTICHRIST (both from Sweden). New albums will be released through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.
Next project to finish is the new album of german Deaththrashers CHARON. Besides my work on the album, I will mix a track, recorded exclusively for a split-7" with HATESPAWN.
Besides some mixing and mastering, I will work on archive material of NWOBHM-legend STORMCHILD (unreleased studio recordings and live stuff). It will also be released through HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.