Welcome to my homepage!!!

I want to tell you a bit about myself and my background on the way.

My name is Patrick and I was part of the RAPE OF HARMONIES STUDIOS-staff since its founding in 1997. In 2010 I left the studio and started my freelancer job as a professional music producer. If I am not preoccupied by mixing, audio restoration or mastering on my own workplace, I produce demos and albums anywhere in Germany. I was and still am participating in numerous productions and have often helped young bands as a studio musician if they reached their possible limit. I had the responsibility for several assignments and have the ability to oversee a complete production process from the preparations of the record until the realisation. I am also responsible for mixing and mastering the majority of the albums and demos produced by the RAPE OF HARMONIES STUDIOS.

In the course of time I have specialised myself on mixing and mastering and have teased out the maximum of big as well as smaller productions to create a competitive product, which is able to implement and maintain a place in the internal market. Countless and very positive reviews found in relevant scene-magazines as well as customers, that are always satisfied, are the evidence, that I pursued the right path and are able to provide very listenable results.

I am also offering vinyl-mastering, besides regular CD-mastering, to reach the best results, which will also sound good on your record. I have already worked with diverse labels on this matter and will do so too in the future.

I also use a full mobile studio to make it possible to record your demo, album or live concert wherever you want. Competent partners and professional engineering ensure the right sound for every artist.

Another field of work is the editing of old and analogue sound-archives. I already began the digitalization and restoration of records from my private archives a long time ago, for example audio tapes, vinyl or cassette tapes. I work with a lot of love for the detail und try to get the best results, which sounds a whole lot better than the original recording medium in the end. This service has also been used by some private customers and record labels to digitally edit old demo-tapes or vinyl and to restore them as best as possible for a release.

My personal taste in music tends to go clearly in the direction of Metal, where I prefer the louder sides like Thrash, Speed, Black and Death Metal. However I like to look beyond my own nose and can get into other music-styles too – the music should only be hand-made.

So if you need a juicy master, an official mix for your album or your first demo-recording, an enthusiast, who supports you while recording and does so with you together – with my long-lasting experience as a musician and producer I am at your disposition and offer you an individual quotation. It doesn't hurt to ask!!!