Here is a small selection of bands I worked with since 1997 (recording sessions or mixdowns, masterings or vinyl masterings). On some productions I also played as a session musician.
Please accept that I have no rights to upload sound samples due to copyright reasons. If you are interested in my work, check the homepages / MySpace- and Facebook profiles of the listed bands or simply buy their records !!!

ABYSSOUS (mastering, vinyl mastering)
AEVERON (recording, mix, mastering)
AFTER DEATH (mastering)
ALCHEMYST (mix, mastering)
AMBUSH (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
ANAEL (recording, mix, mastering, bass)
ANIMA (recording, mix, mastering)
ANTICHRIST (mastering, vinyl mastering)
APOCALYPSE (audio restoration, mastering, vinyl mastering)
ASPHAGOR (recording, mix, mastering)
ASPHYX (vinyl mastering)
ATANATOS (recording, mix, mastering, drums, guest vocals)
AXEMASTER (mastering)
AXIS (audio restoration, remastering)
BAAL (recording, mix, mastering)
BEAST WAR RETURNS (recording, mix, mastering)
BEYOND (recording, mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
BIG DAISY (audio restoration, vinyl mastering)
BLACK HOLE (audio restoration, mastering, vinyl mastering)
BLITZKRIEG (mastering, vinyl mastering)
BLIZZARD (mastering, vinyl mastering)
BLOODY SIGN (mix, mastering)
BLUTNEBEL (mastering)
BURIED GOD (recording, mix, mastering, drums, lead guitars)
BURNING SKIES (recording, mix, mastering)
BURY MY SINS (recording, mix, mastering)
CALIBER (recording, mix, mastering)
CALL OF CHARON (recording, mix, mastering)
CANDLEMASS (mastering, vinyl mastering)
CHAOS ECHOES (mix, mastering)
CHARON (recording, mix, mastering, bass)
CLOVEN HOOF (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
COSMIC WASTELAND (recording, mix, mastering)
CROWLEYS PASSION (recording, mix, mastering)
CRUCIFIER (mastering, vinyl mastering)
DAMASCUS (mastering, vinyl mastering)
DARKMOON WARRIOR (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
DARK TRIBE (mix, mastering)
DARKNESS (mix, mastering, mastering for vinyl)
DARKTHRONE (audio restoration, remastering)
DEATH REALITY (recording, mix, mastering)
DEATHPLAGUED (mix, mastering)
DEATHRONATION (mastering, vinyl mastering)
DEATHSTORM (mixing, mastering)
DEFLORATION (recording, mix, mastering)
DELIRIUM TREMENS (recording, mix, mastering)
DEMON PACT (remastering)
DESASTER (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
DESTINY (recording, mix, mastering)
DEVILS MOTHER (recording, mix, mastering)
DISSECTION (remastering, vinyl mastering)
DISTANCE IN EMBRACE (recording, mix, mastering)
DOS DIAS DE SANGRE (recording, mix, mastering)
DRENGSKAPUR (mastering, vinyl mastering)
DYING HUMANITY (recording, mix, mastering)
EREBUS ENTHRONED (mastering, vinyl mastering)
ETERNITY (recording, mix, mastering, bass)
EVIL SPIRIT (mastering, vinyl mastering)
EX INFERIS (mix, mastering)
EXODUS (vinyl mastering)
EXUMER (remastering, vinyl mastering)
FALL OF SERENITY (recording, mix, mastering, drums, guest vocals)
FANGORN (recording, mix, mastering, guest vocals)
FEAST FOR THE CROW (recording, mix, mastering)
FOREVER IT SHALL BE (recording, mix, mastering)
FRUEHSTUECKSPAUSE (recording, mix, mastering)
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (mastering, vinyl mastering)
GLOOMSTER (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
GOMORRHA (recording, mix, mastering)
GRAVE (vinyl mastering)
GRAVE MIASMA (mastering)
HATE SQUAD (mix, mastering)
HATESPAWN (recording, mix, mastering, guitars, bass, drums)
HAUDEGEN (mix, mastering, lead guitar)
HEAVEN SHALL BURN (recording, mix, mastering, bass, lead guitar, guest vocals)
HELLISH CROSSFIRE (recording, mix, mastering)
HOPE DIES FIRST (recording, mix, mastering)
ICED EARTH (mastering for vinyl)
INFERNAL MAJESTY (remastering, mastering for vinyl)
IMPENDING DOOM (recording, mix, mastering, guitar)
IN HOC SIGNO (recording, mix, mastering)
INCUBUS DREAMS (recording, mix, mastering)
IRON ANGEL (remastering, mastering for vinyl)
JAG PANZER (mastering)
KALI YUGA (recording, mix, mastering)
KATHARSIS (mix, mastering)
KRUX (mastering, vinyl mastering)
KVLT OF HIOB (mastering)
LAST CHANCE TO DIE (recording, mix, mastering)
LAUTLOS (recording, mix, mastering)
LIQUID STEEL (recording, mix, mastering)
LOST DREAMS (mix, mastering)
MACBETH (recording, mix, mastering, drums)
MALEDICTIVE PIGS (recording, mix, mastering)
MANIC DISEASE (recording, mix, mastering)
MANILLA ROAD (audio restoration, remastering)
MARISOLV (mastering)
MAROON (recording, mix, mastering)
MASSACRA (remastering, vinyl mastering)
MEANING OF PAIN (recording, mix, mastering)
MISERY SPEAKS (recording, mix)
MOONBLOOD (mastering, vinyl mastering)
MORGOTH (remastering, vinyl mastering)
MOSAIC (mix, mastering)
MOSHQUITO (vinyl mastering)
MOTHER STEREO (mastering)
MY COLD EMBRACE (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
MYSTERION (mastering)
NARZISS (recording, mix, mastering)
NEAERA (recording)
NECRONOMICON (mastering)
NECROPHOBIC (vinyl mastering)
NECROS CHRISTOS (vinyl mastering)
NEMESIS (remastering)
NEMESIS SOPOR (mastering, vinyl mastering)
NEVER DIE ALONE (recording, mix, mastering)
NOCTURNAL WITCH (recording, mix, mastering)
NSANE (recording, mix, mastering)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT (audio restoration, mastering, vinyl mastering)
OCCULTATION (mastering, vinyl mastering)
ODEM ARCARUM (mastering)
OMEGA (audio restoration, mastering, vinyl mastering)
OPACITY (mastering)
PENTAGRAM (audio restoration, remastering)
REPENT (mastering, vinyl mastering)
PLASMATICS (mastering for vinyl)
POLYMORPH (recording, mix, mastering)
POSSESSED (remastering, vinyl mastering)
PROCESSION (mastering, vinyl mastering)
PSEUDOGOD (mix, mastering)
PURGATORY (recording, mix, mastering)
RAFFLESIA (mix, mastering)
RAW EDGE (recording, mix, mastering)
ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER (mastering, vinyl mastering)
REFRACTORY (recording, mix, mastering)
RÉSISTANCE (mix, mastering)
RIMRUNA (mastering)
SCHWEIGEN (recording, mix, mastering)
SEIRIM (recording, mix, mastering)
SENSE NEVER CAME (recording, mix, mastering)
SERPENT OBSCENE (vinyl mastering)
SKRUPEL (recording, mix, mastering)
SLAYER (vinyl mastering)
SLINGBLADE (mastering, vinyl mastering)
SMIRNOFF (recording, mix, mastering)
SOULGATES DAWN (recording, mix, mastering, guest vocals)
SPARTA (audio restoration, remastering)
STALLION (recording, mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
STEVE HACKETT (vinyl mastering)
STORMCHILD (audio restoration, mastering, vinyl mastering)
SUN OF THE BLIND (remastering, vinyl mastering)
SVALBARD (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
SYRUS (mix, mastering)
THORNESBREED (mix, mastering)
TIAMAT (mastering for vinyl)
TODESSTOSS (mastering)
TOKYO BLADE (audio restoration, mastering, vinyl mastering)
TONKRAFT (mix, mastering)
TORMENT OF PROMETHEUS (recording, mix, mastering)
TRIUMPHANT (mix, mastering, vinyl mastering)
TROUBLE (audio restoration, remastering)
TRUFFLE (audio restoration, remastering)
TWO MINUTE SILENCE (recording, mix, mastering)
TYP 1 (mix, mastering)
VAULTING (mix, mastering)
VENENUM (mix, mastering)
VERSUS THE THRONE (mix, mastering)
VICTIM (mix, mastering)
WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH (recording, mix, mastering)
WARFARE (remastering, mastering for vinyl)
WARLORD (remastering, mastering for vinyl)
WARSPITE (recording, mix, mastering)
WELTBRAND (mastering)
WIFEBEATER (mastering)
WHEN CAME APRIL (mix, mastering)